Thursday, October 16, 2008

i found my little bee book....

based on true feelings.

-page 1-

i'm sorry i didn't mean to call you
but i couldn't fight it
i guess i was weak
couldnt even hide it
and i surrendered just to hear your voice

-from a song called vida-

-page 2-

i'm just trying to find
a decent melody
a song that i sing
in my own company

-page 3-

we don't even talk anymore
we don't even know what we argue about
don't even say i love you no more
cause saying how we feel is no longer allowed

-water runs dry by boyz 2 men-

-page 4-

" Sometimes the hardest things to let go are the things you never really had "

' I sit there and think of a million reasons of why to get over you. I can think of so many, but the number one reason is because i know we're just friends, and that's all we'll ever be. But i guess a small part of me still holds onto a little bit of hope , that one day, just maybe, we could be more....

-page 5-

You hurt me more than i deserve,
how can you be so cruel??
i love you more than you deserve,
Why am i such a fool??

' if i knew today would be our last tomorrow, then i would have made sure you knew i loved you yesterday '

-page 6-

Today i'll give it one last try, and then i'll wonder why...i did it to myself once again
-good charlotte-

I'm worst at what i do best
-smells like teen spirit-

Because he knows the worst thing about me, and its okay..
-meet joe black-

Saturday, October 4, 2008