Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Apa wa merepek ni?


Biar saja ada. yang ter jadi biar saja terjadi.

Sungguh abstrak dan universal. terlampau banyak maksud untuk di ungkaikan.

Hanya dengan cinta, semua emosi bisa bergabung menjadi satu.

Bila tiada, juga terasa. Menangis jua kerana cinta.

Usah beban, biar saja. Kerana manusia dilahirkan memang untuk merasakan cinta.

Ya cinta, cinta itu ada.

Pejamkan mata dan rasailah.

Terima kasih.

One foot on the ground.

So Life,

I breath everyday not realizing that the air that I inhale is shared with million others. In simple words, I have to struggle to stay alive and compete with others. Once I have both feet on the ground, stable, I thought that I’m doing ok. Well, its not OK. I have to constantly be alert because I just dont know whats going to happen in the future. Have u ever felt happy, sad, angry, anxious, betrayed, and other emotions that sometimes you yourself cant identify the reasons, and at the end of the day you just let your feelings. either stay or go. If yes, you are living in the right world. There are no such thing like the perfect world, perfect place, perfect partner..its all nonsense. The word perfect shouldn’t be invented in the first place. I keep on blaming and punished myself for not being the perfect person. Its wrong. I realize that I should be working on how to solve the problems and live with it. Because on top of all this, thats just how life works. So yes, thats life for me. and its like this.

Signed with one foot on the ground, yet living.