Wednesday, May 6, 2009


kenapa bila MU menang..penyokong lain diam..but when MU kalah..they are all screaming and shouting as if its the last game of them all..i wonder why.why.why? what's wrong with MU winning and why cant they just accept the fact that they are good. dengki?yeah maybe..because dah jadi macam 'penyakit'. people cant accept things that is good,full stop. ada saja yang salah..have you heard..alah,nasib je tu menang..politics la.bla bla bla. why do we always have that negative thoughts when it is supposed to postive? i wonder how are we supposed to be united,not manchester when a simple thing like a ball game like this can lead to a very serious misunderstanding and boleh buat gaduh woo!! it is so sad but so true..btw,it was a glory night huh?oopps! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

sometimes its ok to CRY

i remembered i was talking to my friend one day. i was telling her about my dark history. she was stunned,overwhelmed, shocked and cried. while i just looked at her and smiled,i said dont was all past and infact i dont want to remember anything, anymore. she asked me how can i be so can i be so strong. i just smiled,again. in my life, i've been smiling and acted like i have nothing to worry about.sad is never in my dictionary. but suddenly i felt this urge to cry. i dont know why.does that mean i'm not strong anymore? or does that mean i am not happy anymore?
NO!i am still that strong girl who turned out to be a stronger woman..
i think sometimes its just ok for you to cry.let it all go.just dont let people know.