Friday, June 19, 2009

not so happy mode

hot! weather,hati semua panas!! i hate it when i feel this shit. people will say,relax its normal bla bla bla...but deep down..siapa tahu. yes there are always a solution to everything. but...what if im yet to find it. how long must i bare this in my head.gila! i just cant take it anymore. i know i cant just run from it..but is it ok if i walk away slowly?ok fine. i will not...i guess ill just have to figure it one at a time.just like my ceramic white told me...jangan nak jumble semua problem and try to be a hero to solve everything at one time.memang lagi serabut! ceramic white is absolutely right...i kept everything too long and suddenly im stuck with it.ishhhh!!! lets see how i can manage this. from tomorrow onwards i will be more focus and settle it one by one. slowly i will be happy. i know. i terlalu ikut trend sekarang, everything nak instant...haiihh!! i have to learn to be more sabar....oh wish me luck!