Thursday, November 13, 2008

negative is me part 1

They say when u believe in something, just do it. but what if we want to do things that we dont believe in it? that's what i call risk. everything that we do are surrounded by risk. decisions made based on facts infact can also be wrong. its like no perfect answer for any perfect question. everyone has their own dream. when they achieved something, they would say its just a matter of hard work,make believe in it and everything will come your way. but what if they fail??what if they have work so hard and yet they fall?what should we label that as? i am sick and tired when everyone is focusing more on achievers but not failures. why don't we have books on reasons why they fail to make it??so that at least we can understand better...hmm.. instead of reading the same story of different successful people which i personally think that the content in most of the books are all bullshit. believe it or not, they must have hide something crucial behind those curtains. but its ok, they are lucky to have what others don't. one thing for sure, life has its own agenda. u can't predict but plan. if you can't plan.just pray.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

0% of 100% ME

im tired!! seriously, sadly to say that until today i am yet to find that one thing that im good at. he loves me and told me not to worry because i have a good heart. but where does good heart goes?can it give you happiness? i always envy people who are talented and really good at what they do best. well, im proud to say that i can do a lot of things..just that im not good at anything. depressing isnt it?? he told me that i have no confidence in me. but how can i be confident when i know i can't do anything right..far from being perfect! eg. i do can sing, but its better when i keep silence, i can write, but its a junk of my own, i can draw but not colouring, i can run but only for a few laps, i can write lyrics, but without a melody.......
suddenly i realize something...i am good at messing with things. well at least for now. i always wanted to be that someone. its just that i am not quite sure what that someone is all about....
i have a dream and my dream is in my dream only.